Electronics projects

My ham-radio related projects are currently covering the field of Direct Digital signal Synthesis (DDS). For that purpose I've build a board with a 10K100 Altera FPGA and a fast 14-bit DAC. This board serves as the key component of a fully digital sweep generator with output frequency between about 50 kHz (limited due to a transformer after the DAC) and 30 MHz. Its clock speed is 80 MHz. That sweep generator is already working nicely since year 2000. With the same board (a second one actually) I'm trying to build a fully digital transmitter for about the same frequency range. It is rather simple to produce an AM signal (not straightforward though as one might think), but the ultimate goal is an USB or LSB signal. It is already clear that it will not fit completely into the above mentioned 10K100, so I have to select a larger FPGA or add some CPU support.

DDS page

MiniMAX-40 is a microprocessor board with the NEC V40HL CPU. I've described that board in 1996 in the german electronics magazine Elrad in the issues 2, 3 and 5. The V40HL CPU has a 8088/8086 compatible instruction set. I wrote a real time operating system (UniMOS) and a locator (UniLOC) to convert .exe files generated by the standard Borland tools to downloadable hex-files.

After many years of hard work for my professional job, I recently took the time to start over with a few small electronics projects. Here is the first one:

DC-DC Converter is a battery supplied and microprocessor controlled DC-DC converter for use in "portable underfloor heating" ;-). It is a rather simple project for beginners. I made it to get familiar with the ATtiny microcontrollers from Atmel and the DesignSpark PCB design tools. The description is currently only in German language.