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MiniMAX-40 Processor Module

MiniMAX-40 is a single board credit card size microcomputer which employs the V40HL from NEC and a Xilinx XC3020, XC3030 or XC3042 LCA. It has 32-512kB battery backed SRAM and 128-512kB Flash EPROM on board. Also a real-time clock and a "silicon serial number" are implemented.


Here are the miniMAX-40 schematics as a zipped PDF-File (75kB):

EMU-40 is the development tool for miniMAX-40 ("emulator"). It is plugged between miniMAX-40 and the target hardware. EMU-40 downloads programs from a PC, test-runs them on miniMAX-40 and optionally programs the Flash-EEPROM on miniMAX-40. The RS-232 communication with a PC can run at up to 115kBd and it is optically insulated for safety reasons.

Here are the schematics of EMU-40 as a zipped PDF-File (101kB):

miniMAX-40 and EMU-40 have been described in a series of articles for the German electronics magazine ELRAD (Michael Krämer, Im Gleichklang, ELRAD 1996, Heft 2, 3 und 5).


For the miniMAX-project I have written two software packages, which could be of interest for other projects as well. UniLoc is a locator tool and UniMOS is a real time and/or time sliced operating system kernel.


UniLoc V2.3


  • UniLoc isfreeware

  • UniLoc creates Intel-Hex or Motorola S-record output files from .EXE input files

  • UniLoc relocates relative segments/groups to any absolute location within the address space

  • DOS and OS/2 version included

  • Adapted startup code for Borland C/C++ 3.1 included

178 kB




  • Multitasking kernel for 8088/188 compatible processors

  • Event driven or time sliced algorithm

  • System size is only limited by available memory

  • High speed by coding in assembler

  • Timeouts for all system functions that can wait for events

  • Fully functional demo version which can also run under DOS

  • Source files available here

  • UniMos is freeware for private and commercial purposes. No warranty, (maybe) no support!

Demo: 114 kB

PDF Doc: 449 kB

(German only)